det där med fördomar

Hittade den här lilla artikeln idag och vill dela den med er. Det är förstås bara fördomar…


“It is a pleasure to indulge in their most shameless bias occasionally. Like when the daily New Zealand Herald in satire form operates with the phenomenon of opinion polls that claimed to be able to answer everything. The paper reports on a global poll which asked, “Would you please give your honest opinion on how to find a solution to food shortage in the world?”

And reported brazenly that the result was a complete disaster, “In Africa it was not known what “food” was, in Eastern Europe they did not know what ” honest” was, in Western Europe they didn’t know there are a “shortages”, in China they did not know what “opinion “was, in the Middle East was the word “solution” unknown, in South America they did not know what “please” meant, and in the U.S., they had no idea what “the rest of the world” was.”

Thanks for the translation Viveka (and google:-)) 



3 responses to “det där med fördomar

  1. Fantastisk … det är världen i ett nötskal – och inte så långt från sanning och det säger jag utan fördomar.

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