installing swedish summer

Idag var det riktigt varmt och soligt här i Frankfurt. Nästan lite för varmt om du frågar mig. Jag vill gära tillägna denna post alla mina svenska vänner!
We had a very sunny and warm day here in Frankfurt today. Almost too hot if you ask me. I want to dedicate this one to all my swedish readers. Enjoy!

found and borrowed from facebook today 🙂


5 responses to “installing swedish summer

  1. A German friend sent something similar to me last year – when you had a bad summer in Germany. Brilliantly funny. Now the sun is coming out – after an evening and night with autumn storm.

  2. Not sure but maybe this can help 😀
    But german summers are not that much better, I remember freezing my butt off many many times on out outdoor stage when it was supposedly summer over the last couple of years!

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