pasta al salmone & dagbok / diary

Kontrollen idag hos farbror graviddoktorn gick jättebra. Mitt järnvärde var normalt, det var en bonus! Allt annat var som väntat. Lady-baby är ungefär 28 cm lång och lekte för fullt när vi hälsade på med ultraljudet.

Väl hemkommen fick jag en väldigt god laxpasta. Ett svensk-italienskt samarbete.

Pasta al salmone
Linguine (en tunnare och lite plattare sorts spagetti)
Lax skuren i bitar
Slätbladig persilja (innehåller mycket järn tror jag)

Enkelt och väldigt gott!

Avslutade lunchen med en liten gravidsynd… pssst, säg inget till nå’n!


The visit today by the “Uncle pregnant doctor” was great. My iron value was normal and that was a nice surprise! Everything else was as expected. Lady baby is about 28 cm long and played a lot as we visited her in the belly with the ultrasound.

Once back home, I got a very tasty pasta with salmon. A Swedish-Italian cooperation.

Pasta al salmone
Linguine (thinner and a little more flat kind of spaghetti)

Salmon cut into chunks
Parsley (contains much iron I think)

Simple and very tasty!

I finished  the lunch with a small pregnant sin … pssst, don’t tell anybody!

3 responses to “pasta al salmone & dagbok / diary

  1. Look good, Chef … yes, parsley has loads of iron. Easy cooking, me like very much! Glad that you and baby-lady are doing fine, looking at you stomach she looks a lot bigger then 28 cm … you’re going to be massive mama in the end. This salmon I will try next week, will go home to mum over Midsummer, and fill up the cupboard and freezer so she will be okay for most things while I’m gone. Also I will empty my lost account to the last öre – time for exchange and move everything on my AMEX!

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