handbok för midsommar – manual for midsummer

This film is only 4 minutes but a very funny guide to Swedish Midsummer. Enjoy!!
I found it on sweden.se.

Glad midsommar!!

7 responses to “handbok för midsommar – manual for midsummer

  1. Fantastisk! Seeing the re wooden houses, the lakes made me homesick! Oh and the frog dance reminds me of the way Swedes get down thier christmas decorations off their trees 😀
    Glad you found this video, it’s very funny. I love that you’re a nation of singers. I remember sitting in a resturant with the people from choir and we (more they because I didn’t know the songs) started singing and nobody of the other guest were complaining. So cool.

  2. Malin, you beat me to this one .. was looking for it on Youtube, but couldn’t find it … it’s so funny and so true. I think I will reblog it or save it for next year. Brilliant Malin, so proud of being silly Swedish !!!

      • I think I seen it before, because I knew what I was looking for, but couldn’t find it – you got it from “sweden.se” – never looked there. Next time I will use it. So funny and true.

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