Weekly photo challenge: create

This week I’ll send two versions to the Weekly photo challenge. The first one is my personal and the second one from my 2-years old son Flavio. Theme of the week is: CREATE

Tröttnade på att vänta, så jag skapade mitt egna micro SIM… och ja, det fungerar!

La creazione di un micro SIM.

Creation of a micro SIM.

Titta mamma, jag har gjort kakor!

Mamma guarda, ho fatto i biscotti!

Look mum, I made cookies!


5 responses to “Weekly photo challenge: create

  1. Funny to see … the orange logo again, my UK mobile is still on Orange. Great company. How to create micro SIM you should make a post about .. nice cakes, but I stick to your muffins.

  2. Härligt Uppfinnarjocke! Du och Skalman här hemma kanske kan slå era kloka ihop så att jag och F kan gå i pension?

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