On our way home

Off we go!


7 responses to “On our way home

    • sötaste syster! Det var verkligen härligt att vara med er så intensivt i 2 veckor. Tack för special yster-dagarna oxå 🙂 Det kanske inte kan bli så alltid, men lite oftare i alla fall ❤

  1. Helllo Malin, just to say hello in a hurry – now time to leave for King Street Station and the Amtrak to Vancouver. See that you are already back in Frankfurt – that Swedish home visit went very quick. Over here is everything fine and in Vancouver I will have free wifi on my room so I will post something. Had sunshine all the way and it seams to be the same during my hole journey. Lots of … Viveka

    • Nice that you took time to come by Viveka! I’ve been posting everything from my phone those weeks. but now I’ll be in Frankfurt 5 days before next trip 🙂 Take care!!

      • Thanks Malin – next trip ???? Have missed the connection with you, guys here … but I will catch up somehow. Time to pay the bill. *smile See you from Canada.

      • I have to catch up too! Didn’t have time and possibility during the visit in Sweden. we’re going to Italy next week. Family summer tour…

      • Malin, have a wonderful time in Italy …. I know it’s not difficult and catching up has to happen on a rainy day … later.

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