pregnancy sins – Nutella – gravidsynder

I’ve actually asked my husband NOT to buy home the temptation of temptations, goodness of the cravings … the can of chocolate gold. Nutella.

Nevertheless, there is now a can of Nutella up there on the shelf in our kitchen. As long as it was not open, I was really disciplined but as soon as the seal was broken, it was over for me … I eat it straight from the jar with a spoon. When no one is looking …

How come? Pregnancy hormones? Nutellacravings? It makes me happy?

I do not really know …

Jag har faktiskt bett min man att inte köpa hem frestelsernas frestelse, alla cravingars guru… den där burken med chokladguldet. Nutella.

Trots det står det nu ändå en burk där uppe på hyllan i skafferiet. Så länge den inte var öppnad var jag riktigt disciplinerad men så fort plomberingen var bruten så var det kört för mig… Jag äter den direkt ur burken med sked. När ingen ser…

Vad beror det på? Gravidhormoner? Nutellacravings? Gott?

Jag vet inte…


10 responses to “pregnancy sins – Nutella – gravidsynder

  1. Ah, Nutella. I don’t care for it much after I mixed it with bananas. Afterwards it was over for me and Nutella but I get why you’d eat it straight from the can!

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