Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

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What is normal and what is foreign?

I mean when everything and everyone is foreign and foreigner, then it becomes kind of normal and the normal things will become foreign in the same situation…

Yesterday I went to a copyshop to finish the orchestra material for my husbands next opera project. It wasn’t really a normal job for the Iranian man in the shop. Music, notes, what direction? Everything had to be cut to the right size and bound together for each instrument… He was very polite and helpful. I came to the shop with my usb-stick and my 3 weeks old little daughter.

When we where working on the orchestra parts a lady came into the shop. She started to talk with me and admire my little Livia. Then she saw that I was printing music and told me that she is a singer and singing teacher. So we started to talk about my work in the opera and all her projects around the world. This lady comes from Mexico and makes a lot of intercultural projects. Among others, singing workshops every summer in Mexico, to which she wanted to invite me as a teacher and singer. We changed mail addresses and I went home back to my baby bubble…

Probably it was only a nice chat between a Swedish opera singer and an artistic Mexican lady in a helpful Iranian mans copyshop a normal Wednesday in Germany, out walking with a 3 weeks old baby to do Monteverdi orchestra material that an Italian conductor needs in another town…

Suddenly everything felt so foreign that it got normal. So maybe I’ll go to Mexico after all! You never know what life brings you!


2 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreign

  1. Hello, Malin. What a great story! Your operatic / parenting / multi-national adventures sound too interesting to miss, so… I’m following. Congratulations for your new daughter, by the way!

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