Christmas preparations can begin!

The Christmas market in Frankfurt has begun. It’s open from the 26th of November until the 23d of December. I’ve already visited it twice(!). It’s a very big traditional German Christmas market. I took some photos, with my telephone like I always do, to try to give you some of the atmosphere. All the smells and flavors are to be imagined though. In the evenings the market is full so I went one time in the morning with my husbands parents and one time in the afternoon with Flavio. It was perfect because I’m not really fond of big crowds.

Flavio bought a chocolate mouse made of a pear and I ate a lot of burned almonds. Now it’s time for the advent candles and the star in the window. And we have to sing all the songs of course. First the ones for advent, then for Lucia (13th of December) and then all the Christmas carols and songs. We have a lot of traditions for this time of the year in Sweden! Preparing for Christmas can begin!


19 responses to “Christmas preparations can begin!

  1. These pictures bring back memories, I love Weihnachts maerkte. I can almost smell the Gluehwein and Magenbrot, my favourite. Shame I haven’t got one here in London. Enjoy it, lovely pictures. Ute x

  2. Wow so far from any Christmas experience I have ever had. I am totally captivated. Here in Australia I am sweltering in 34 degree heat and the first signs of Christmas I can see are the plastic tree my neighbour have put up in their living room haha
    Enjoy your wonderland – looks so beautiful and exciting !

    • Ja, med lite snö blir det förstås mer julstämning! Önskar att jag kunde komma förbi er och ha lite snöbollskrig och göra en snöängel!

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