Swedish Christmas Market and snow!

Yesterday I brought my Italian parents-in-law to the Swedish Christmas Market here in Frankfurt. Mixture from cultures? Oh, yes!
I bought some GLÖGG, the Swedes drink warm wine with spices for Christmas. It’s like the Germans Glühwein but MUCH better. Don’t forget that I’m from Sweden. Then I bought some Swedish cheese, Grevé (yummy!!), and some candles and souvenirs/gifts for the children. Flavio thinks that Santa will come in an airplane this year. Why not? Everyone arrives to Frankfurt with the airplane…

Today is the first of Advent and it’s snowing here in Frankfurt. I’ll give you some photo evidence. It’s most for my sister, while she won’t believe it if she doesn’t see it. I didn’t lit my candle yet. I’m a little bit late with my traditions but I will light the candle and sing my Swedish Advent Songs during the day.

My husband comes home today. Can’t believe it! Our daughter is almost 2 months old now and he almost doesn’t know her. So December will be a real family month here at our place. Finally time to stay together!

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Here is a guide to our advent traditions, made by Ute: http://utesmile.wordpress.com/2012/12/02/first-advent/


18 responses to “Swedish Christmas Market and snow!

  1. There’s a Swedish Christmas market in Frankfurt? Do you know if it’s still there next weekend cause I will be in Frankfurt then. And you’re right, GLÖGG is soooo much better than Glühwein 🙂

    • I’m doing my best but it’s not so easy always. I want to give my children a bit of my Swedish culture in their culturemixed world 🙂

  2. Forgive me, but where has your husband been? I can’t imagine being away from my daughters for that long, and mine are almost teenagers! Have a splendid Advent, Malin.

    • We are both musicians and he’s been working in another town for 6 weeks coming home only for the weekends. But now he’s back finally!

  3. My question has been answered above! I hope you all have a wonderful time together mixing up your cultures and enjoying your baby daughter together.

    I love all the photos of the market, it looks lovely. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the link, and you have already some snow. It looks great , I love all Christmas markets. Wishing you a wonderful time with your husband, being together as a real family enjoy it! Love Ute x

    • the snow went away the same day but there will come some new today. We’ll see… Snow in Frankfurt is far from snow in Sweden…
      Thank you Ute! It’s beautiful being together again, love M

  5. Fantastiskt! …och ok då, jag tror dig väl;)
    Svensk julmarknad verkar så mycket mysigare utomlands…men framförallt kräver den sin snö. Kram

    • snön var borta redan efter några timmar men det ska komma ny snö idag och i morgon. Flavio vill bygga snögubbar! För honom är snö fortfarande helt exotiskt!!

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