Deutsche Post – will we ever be friends?

Last time I went to the German Post (Deutsche Post) office, I got this:


I think that this letter mold is only possible by the German Post. And I will probably need it because it’s almost impossible to send a letter from here. All letters HAS TO BE in the format that they decided for you… Shame on you if you try to send a squarely letter.

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6 responses to “Deutsche Post – will we ever be friends?

  1. Hahaha, yes, I saw this as well last time I was there. And I took one home, because it really is handy… Even as a German I’m never going to understand all this crazy and funny rules at the Deutsche Post. I’ve tried it now a few times, but I’m definitely not able to buy a stamp online for anything else than a normal envelope… 😉

    • I never bought a stamp online from the Deutsche Post. I always look online but then I end up standing in the line on the post office to be sure that my letter really will be accepted 🙂 It’s nice to hear that the germans also have difficulty sometimes with the german post 😉

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