O Tannenbaum, o Tannenbaum…

julvernissage (1) julvernissage (2) julvernissage (3) julvernissage (4)

Today I went out with Flavio to search a Christmas Tree. It was raining with 10 degrees Celsius. We bought a pretty small one on our street in the town. They are selling Christmas trees 100 meter from our house. Perfect!

When we came back home the tree had to dry from the rain and while we were waiting we prepared Flavios paintings to hang them on the wall. So finally his four beautiful pieces of art are on the wall! Of course we made a new vernissage with champagne in beautiful glasses. Our little artist was proud.

Then we started to prepare the Christmas tree. Flavio sang “O Tannenbaum” and Jingle bells while we were decorating. We have Santa Lucia and Winnie the Pooh in our Christmas tree. It was very important to Flavio to have the star on the top and my husband put the mushroom, it gave a very personal touch to our tree, didn’t it?


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