Santa Claus is flying to town!

Flavio is counting the days. Or more correctly, he is counting the nights… He knows exactly how many times he has to sleep before Santa comes.

We are staying at home, in Frankfurt, this year. It’s a little bit sad, I really wanted to go “home”  to Sweden to have a real traditional white Christmas with my family but my husband has to work and the flight tickets were too expensive over X-mas.

I have my Christmas tree and a red beautiful Amaryllis. I have my Swedish specialties “glögg”, “Lussebullar” and “pepparkakor”. I’ve baked Italian cantuccini and bought vin santo and panettone. I bought gifts that I still have to wrap and put under the tree but there is still time. The gifts for Sweden and Italy already arrived on their destinations.

We are invited by friends and we also invited friends to us. Actually we have a pretty full program until the new year begins.

But I feel a little bit empty. Homesick? Yes, maybe that’s the right word.

At least I already had some great Christmas presents this week while all the bureaucracy for Livia, so far, is organized. She got her German passport yesterday!

Flavio is sure that Santa Claus is coming with an airplane and that Joseph and Maria took the train…


6 responses to “Santa Claus is flying to town!

  1. Flavio seems to be a pretty smart young man *smile
    I’m sure you will get a fantastic Christmas …in Frankfurt and it’s Christmas in your hearts that makes a good Christmas *smile

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