Vem är jag?

Jag heter Malin och bor med min familj i Frankfurt am Main sedan 2007. Jag jobbar som operasångerska på Frankfurtoperan och har en växande passion för webbdesign. Jag tycker om orkidéer och att baka. Mina rötter har jag i Alby, söder om Stockholm.

Jag är gift med en italienare och våra barn är födda här i Tyskland. De växer upp med tre språk. Flavio är född 2009 och Livia 2012.

Den här bloggen blir en slags dagbok ur min vardag hur det är att vara småbarnsmamma, heltidsarbetande och utlandssvensk. Om graviditet, föräldraskap, kulturskillnader, språkförbistring… ja om lite allt möjligt som är viktigt för en kvinna mitt i livet.

Välkommen att följa med!


Who am I?
My name is Malin and I live with my family in Frankfurt am Main since 2007. I work as an opera singer at the Frankfurt Opera, and has a growing passion for blogging and web design. I like orchids and baking. I have my roots in Stockholm, Sweden.

I am married to an Italian man and our children were born here in Germany. They’re growing up with three languages. Flavio was born in 2009 and his younger sister Livia was born in 2012.

My blog is a diary from my daily life, what it is like to be the mother of small children, full-time working and living abroad. About pregnancy, parenting, cultural differences, language problems … well, a mix of everything that is important for a woman in the middle of the life and in the middle of Europe.

If you want to read what I wrote in English, please look in the menu categories under “also in ENGLISH“.

Welcome to follow me!


Chi sono?
Io sono Malin e vivo con la mia famiglia a Francoforte sul Meno da 2007. Sono una cantante lirica al teatro dell’opera di Francoforte, ed ha una crescente passione per il web design. Mi piacciono le orchidee e di fare il pane. Vengo da Stoccolma.

Sono sposata con un italiano e i nostri figli, Flavio e Livia sono nati qui in Germania, quindi imparano tre lingue.

Questo blog è un diario della mia vita quotidiana; il mio lavoro come cantante lirica, con due bambini piccoli. Com’è vivere all’estero lontani della famiglia. Racconto della mia gravidanza (al inizio del Blog), le differenze culturali, i problemi delle lingue … beh, un misto di tutto ciò che è importante per una donna in mezzo della vita e in mezzo dell’Europa.

Se vuoi leggere cosa ho scritto in italiano guarda nel menu sotto la categoria “anche in ITALIANO”.

Benvenuti a seguirmi!


26 responses to “About

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  3. I love this – and a baby growing up with three languages – phenomenal! I’m going to enjoy following your blog and finding out about your lives.
    Thank you for finding and following my blog. It is always lovely when someone chooses to follow.
    All the best to you and your growing family 🙂

  4. Thank you so much for beginning to follow my blog – I’m delighted to tell you that you are now my 60th follower! Your multi-cultural life sounds wonderfully exciting! Thanks again.

  5. Hej Malin!
    Hittade slumpvis hit… En svensk som bloggar om sitt liv i Tyskland, vad kul – vi gör precis tvärtom!
    Hälsningar från från två musiker Sverige!

  6. Greetings from Australia Malin,
    Life has been quite challenging for you I see but at least you’re still smiling 🙂 I love opera and Classical Music and would love to hear you if I ever get to Frankfurt. I’m a physiotherapist and photographer by profession. I absolutely adore travelling to Europe as that is my heritage. Scandinavia is a place that I would love to experience. All the best and God bless you and your family. )

  7. Hello, I’m Lea and I’ve just recently started to get involved with what you’re talking about. I don’t know where you’re getting your facts,
    but solid job regardless. I really should invest some time
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  8. Hej Malin,
    I’ve got a link to your blog from “Annika+Jonas” via http://sweforum.schwedenstube.de.
    I opened a new topic there because I’m searching for a Swedish interview partner and got your blog link.

    You have to know that I’m studying “Leadership & communication management” extra-occupational. This semester I’m joining a course named “Intercultural competencies”. To complete the course I have to present a lecture wherefore an interview with a foreign person who at least lived a little while in Germany is necessary.

    The interview is about “critical interaction situations”. This means three to five short stories about intercultural discrepancies. In detail stories where you (because of you culture) got into conflicts or misunderstandings with the German culture and way of life.
    Let me give an example to you: “Once a Swedish guy told me that a sauna is divided into men and women areas in Sweden. In Germany often saunas are not divided. Men and women are sitting together naked. That was a cultural shock for the person.”
    Furthermore it is important to me to know what feelings came up into the person or you (if you tell me your stories). In the described case the person said to me that Germans don’t have a sense of shame and are unhygienic (because of now clothes or towels).

    I would need 3 to 5 such stories of your personal experiences. It could also be happened in other areas of life e.g. at the university, in the bus or public transport, at doing sport, at nightlife or family life, school etc.

    I would really appreciate it if you would be able to deliver me such kind of stories and your individual feelings. The interview itself can be done by E-Mail (simply describe your stories to me (keep it short 😉 ), or via Chat (if you want).

    If it would be able to you to be my interview partner I would need (positive) feedback until 26/09, 5.30 pm. to my given email address.

    Thank you very much.

  9. Hi,
    This is Stephanie from HelloTalk(www.HelloTalk.com)- language exchange learning App, we want to reach our APP to more people who want to learn Italian and Swedish. So I’m writing this letter wondering if you can take a look at HelloTalk and review/recommend our APP on your blog.

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    Please let me know your thoughts, I’m looking forward to your reply.



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